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Athlete’s Heart

Athlete’s Heart is a term used to refer to the physiological changes that take place as the heart adapts to regular exercise over a period of time.
Athletes are individuals who engage in regular exercise of sufficient intensity and duration, usually of a competitive nature. Adaptations occur in the heart and circulation which enable the body to achieve the same level of exercise with increased efficiency.
Some of these adaptations include:

  1. Lower resting heart rate
  2. Increase in heart chamber size
  3. Increase in volume of blood ejected with each heart beat
  4. Increase in thickness of the heart muscle
  5. Increased extraction of oxygen from blood by the muscles
Some of these adaptations may cause abnormalities on the ECG which mimic conditions like Sick Sinus Syndrome, Heart Block or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. It is necessary to consult a cardiologist in these cases.

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